Dearest customer,

Because the health of our customers and our employees is at the heart of our concerns, we are committed to implementing the application of hygiene procedures and protocols according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.
For this, we assure you a secure health course requiring "CONTACTLESS GUARANTEE"
These measures will be updated as many times as necessary in order to guarantee the greatest protection for everyone.

1. CUSTOMER JOURNEY "Contactless guarantee"

• Communication at the latest on your arrival at the hotel of your last name, first name, telephone number. mobile phone, email address so that we can stay in touch beyond your stay in the event of a covid declaration. Any customer staying or having stayed in our establishment morally undertakes to inform the establishment without delay of any positive reaction to the covid (tel: or the establishment undertakes to maintain the greatest confidentiality on information communicated with its customers.
• All our staff are equipped with masks.
• Reception protected by glass provided with hydroalcoholic gel.
• Systematic disinfection of the CB reader and room cards after each use.
• Customer traffic rules guaranteeing no crossing between people, facilitated by access to the rooms by external passageways.
• Take off your shoes before entering your room.
• Non-intervention of any staff in the room during the customer's stay and until his departure.

2. RESTORATION ROUTE "Contactless guarantee"

• Application of strict sanitary measures with breakfast and dinner service in the form of room service (room service) exclusively.
• Application of barrier gestures during the preparation of breakfast and dinner.

3. CLEANING ROUTE "Contactless guarantee"

• Guarantee of non-occupancy of rooms for 24 hours between 2 clients.
• Exclusive access to your room guaranteed during your stay.
• Setting up staggered cleaning schedules so that staff do not cross paths with customers.
• Implementation of an exceptional cleaning plan for the bedroom and the outbuildings with systematic disinfection of surfaces and points of contact and washing of laundry with detergents and disinfectants (bleach) at 60 ° C.

And because we will only defeat this virus through collective action, we ask you to participate in certain acts such as:
• Call us by dialing "9" to let us know that you are leaving your room service tray (breakfast or dinner the day before) in front of your door outside the room so that we can proceed to its immediate removal without however, cross paths.
• Breakfast and / or dinner must be ordered on arrival and in the morning for the evening.
•The removal by you of all waste contained in the room until your departure. To do this, we ask you to empty your bins and send your waste in closed bags to the dumpsters located at the entrance of the hotel, of course respecting the selective sorting provided for this purpose.
• Cleaning of the "kitchen" area at the start of the stay. Otherwise, the hotel will charge 30 € for cleaning.
"Contactless", we remain present and always at your disposal:
• We can be reached 24 hours a day at or by dialing "9" from your room phone and by email at:
• Wifi on optical fiber. If you are having trouble connecting, we can do it for you remotely.
• The gate remains closed in order to control entrances.
Once the room card is in your possession, you can open it from the outside with your card by inserting and removing it Card number at the top.To exit the hotel, all you have to do is bring your vehicle in front of the gate. If you are going out on foot, simply press the switch to the left of the gate.
• The post COVID period leads us to reduce physical contact. We remain at your entire disposal to make your visit as pleasant as possible.
Also do not hesitate to contact us by email by telling us your different areas of interest (heritage, oenology, hiking, ocean, sports and discovery activities, gastronomy, etc.) for which we will be happy to inform you in return.

We thank you warmly for your understanding and solidarity in our responsible acts and rest assured that we will do everything possible to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
The direction